What to bring on a long flight

What to Bring on a Long Flight

Are you about to head off on a long flight? Looking for a way to maximize comfort on a small budget? Here are a few ways you can increase your comfort levels without taking up much space or spending crazy amounts of money.

#1. A headrest - It doesn't matter if it's not a plush, expensive one. The inflatable ones are comfortable, cheap and easy to pack.

#2. A book - It's always good to bring something to keep yourself occupied. Long flights can get boring very quickly, and endless movies can get a bit monotonous and hurt your eyes. An Audio book is also a great way to save on space.

#3. Comfortable clothes - It's much more important for you to be comfortable than for you to look good. So trackie pants and a T-shirt all the way. 

#4. Music - Most planes have music to listen to on board, QANTAS has their on radio station. But if your airline doesn't provide music, it's a good idea to make a playlist for yourself. They often come in handy in the airport if your flight is delayed. (And don't worry about your device running out of charge, airports have charging stations for that)

#5. Snacks - Now airlines do provide food, and QANTAS does pretty good food, but it's only served at certain times. So it's bringing your own snacks means you can eat what you want, whenever you're feeling peckish

These are all pretty basic and inexpensive, but they make ALL the difference to your flight. 

Safe Travels all :)

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