New Years Eve

For New Year's a few friends and I went camping at the beach. We filled our cars full of fuel and food and cruised down to the coast. On our way to a fantastic, secluded beach (which we were told was a "very short" walk away, but ended up taking us 40 minutes to get to) we found a beach where people had left little piles of pebbles stacked on top of each other. Of course we had to contribute ourselves!! We also found a coconut, which of course we had to take a selfie with, because... why not?


On the long drive home we decided to stop in a few stores, one of which was the Stur Gallery. I can only describe it as a Blog in a shop.The whole vibe of the place was just SO Instagram, and I wanted to buy everything!!! They even had a big, communal colouring in page, which customers could participate in. I loved it and if you're ever in Braidwood I would highly recommend checking it out.


 The whole trip was very therapeutic. We ate and drank, played board games, accidentally fell asleep in the sun (unfortunately, for just long enough to get burnt to a crisp). We swam and laughed and danced and welcomed in the new year with a bang. 
It was a short road trip, but one spent with a wonderful bunch of people. It was the perfect blend of wild, crazy fun and relaxing vibes. I can honestly say it was my best New Year's celebration yet.

AB :)