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Peace & Love 

Hey guys, I'm Celeste from the blog Celestralite! I love to blog about my fashionable, adventurous, and creative endeavors in college A.B. was kind enough to invite me to do a little post for you guys here :)

See, here's one of my problems:

Do you ever see something in an Urban Outfitters tumblr post or instagram photo and see a background object unnamed and think...oh man I want that? But then you can't, because it'll cost way too much and your wallet will be crying for days.

I'm a big fan of bohemian style, whether it be used to describe fashion or interior decor. Urban Outfitters is definitely one of my favorite inspirations in both of these aspects. Speaking of, I peruse their instagram quite a bit and saw something similar to this! 

What You Need:

This project is very, very cheap. It only cost about $10 USD ($14 AUD). You have the option to add on more to it as you please, and I'll tell you about that later, but for the basic version that I made, you need:

  • Two sticks - preferably straight. Mine are about 2 feet (61 cm) and 1 1/2 feet (46 cm) long and are cypress. It's possible to do this with bamboo, driftwood, pretty much any type of wood!
  • Feathers - I have four packs in the picture, but in reality I only used one of the big feathers and one of the 
  • Twine/String - I used a very thin twine, however if your sticks are heavier, you may want to go with something a little thicker. However, twine works well for tying to feathers. Other strings may slip off easier.
  • Scissors - To cut the twine!
  • Hot Glue - I didn't use this, but you may need to, if your feathers do not want to stay tied.

How to Do it:

1. Tie the twine to the sticks how you want them to hang. I found the best way to reinforce it was to wrap it around a few times, knot it, double knot it, then perhaps wrap again. And knot as you see fit. 

2. Lay out your design in feathers. Below is how I first pictured the design, however I ended up adding more feathers as I went along. That's completely fine! You may notice that yourself.

3. The most tedious step after which is tying the feathers off. Depending on the number of feathers, this could take one to two hours. To tie the feathers, measure out how far you want the feather to hang from the stick. Remember it's better to cut longer than shorter. You can always cut off the excess twine. 

4. Last step is tying off the hanging strip. To do this, you want to measure out how low you want your wall hanging to hang. Then, you tie both side of the twine you cut to the top stick. Be careful not to make the string too long however. Also, be wary of the weight of your hanging. In my case, my right side was heavier than the left, so at first it hung crooked. A simple adjustment and it hung perfectly!

5. Viola, hang it up and you are finished! But here are some extra options:
  • Paint the sticks: You may choose to spray paint the sticks entirely or paint designs on certain parts to give the sticks some more flair.
  • Add fabric scraps: Fabric scraps such as ribbons, yarn, and lace would add to the bohemian appeal of the wall hanging. You could wrap or tie the pieces to sections with feathers to add another layer to the overall design.
  • Beads - When using thicker string, it is possible to bead the string a bit and then tie or glue off the ends to the feathers. 
The possibilities are endless with a simple, but eye-catching project. 

I would love for you guys to try it out!

Peace and Love,

P.S. Come check me out at Celestralite for more posts like this!
And thanks again to A.B. for this guest post opportunity :)


  1. Dropping by from Celeste's blog with regards to the collab -- I think it's such a lovely one!

    I am TERRIBLE at DIY-ing stuff (I'm terrible at a lot of things...) so if possible, I'd just get something at the thrift store and call it a day. That said, I do think it's worth the time to make things like this because it turned out so pretty and can be tailored to one's own preference as well. Loved this one, Celeste!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    1. I totally agree, I'm the same, I like things to be easy, affordable and adaptable! Celeste did an excellent job with this one!!

    2. Thanks May, and yes, I thought that was the great part of this. If you wanted something a little different, then it is definitely very easy to change a little bit here and there. :)

  2. great idea!

  3. This is such a nice decoration, so simple, I might give it a try! -