About Me

Hey Guys,

I'm AB, I'm 18 years old and I live in Australia. I'm a Barista, I play piano, I do henna (Temporary tattoo designs), I love music (Playing it, singing it, discovering it, listening to it, dancing [badly] to it). I'm a bit crazy, a bit fun, a bit wild, a bit weird, and in all honesty a bit of a mess (in the best way possible).

This blog is about a lot of different things, but mainly it's about Traveling, (tips, destinations, hotels, language etc.) Art (music, henna, drama etc.) and lifestyle (books, food, recipes etc.) I started this blog to keep me sane in my gap year. I needed a project, so this was it. (Lucky you, haha)
I'm really excited about sharing my ideas, my thoughts, my adventures... and all that jazz.

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