EUROPE - Part 4

I arrived in London, tired but very happy. Reunited, finally, with my sister. We got a coffee from Cafe Neros, and Skyped the family. 

On my first day we went on the London Eye. But nobody told me that the thing doesn't stop for people to get on. It just keeps going slowly around, and they usher as many people as they can into the bubble as it goes past. It's very exciting, and the view is well worth the kirfuffle. 

The next day was Kia's birthday, and after a breakfast of pancakes and granola we headed out to meet Kia's friend Olga for a boat ride down the Thames. For dinner we eat at Sarastros, which was a funky, gypsy-like resteraunt. 

We went to Bar Salsa on Friday, which was fantastic, there was a free dancing class, Mexican food, great music and so many deliciously creative cocktails. All in all, a great night!

I loved London, it was full of exotic food, interesting people, and more methods of public transport than I have ever experienced before! Next up is Prague...

You can find my video for London on my google plus page. :)

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