6 weeks to Go!

 EUROPE - Part 1

Okay, first off I'd like to apologize for not posting in so long! I've been caught up with work. If you count babysitting, I'm supporting four jobs at the moment, which is really great for my Europe fund but not so great for my blogging.

I have 6 weeks to go until I leave for my Europe Trip, 5 weeks 5 days to be more exact, but it's not like I'm counting or anything ;)


I'll be leaving my home town early morning, on the Country-Link train to Sydney, a skip in my step a smile on my face (aka I'll be half asleep and grumpy). I'll arrive at Sydney Central Train-Station around breakfast time, my flight from Sydney airport lin the afternoon so I'll have plenty of time up my sleeve and will be spending the day with my beautiful friend Naomi :) 
The timing will be a bit weird, even though it's a 24 hour flight I'll arrive at Heathrow airport early the next morning. Unfortunately I loose that time on the way back. I'm sure I'll be exhausted from the long flight but non-the-less I plan on having a very loud and very emotional reunion with Kia at the airport. 
Kia has lots of crazy plans for London, some of which are the London Eye and Salsa dancing.. 

A week later, we leave for Prague where we'll stay in Kia's friends Chata (Pronounced Hata) for two days. Then we'll spend the remaining 4 days in a beautiful apartment in Prague that we found through AirBnB. (A seriously great website/app that I'll talk about in more detail in a later post)

After Prague we fly to Venice, a beautiful city in Italy. We leave  in the evening but the flight isn't direct, we'll be going through Brussels in Belgium before arriving in Venice Marco Polo Airport (not even joking, that's it's real name) late at night. We won't be staying in Venice itself, but in a little town called Treviso, Veneto about half an hour away from Venice on the mainland. Once we get through customs at the airport we'll take two different trains to Treviso, which will take approximately an hour and 15 minutes. Which means we will arrive at our destination after midnight. (Oh the joys of travel) We'll be spending 6 days in Treviso.

Then it's off to Rome, where we'll be staying in a Convent. Apparently none of the nuns speak English, but the receptionist does, so we'll see how that goes, I'm sure it will bequite an experience.We'll be in Rome for 5 days. We were originally going to stay for 6 days, but that would mean we have to leave on a Sunday, which is CRAZY expensive. So we're cutting Rome by one day and giving that day to Paris. And let's face it, an extra day in Paris is no tragedy.

We then leave for Paris, where we'll stay in a super cute flat which we also found on AirBnB. I'm honestly the most excited about Paris, I'm just sad it's gonna be our last city. We head back to London at Midday on the Eurostar (an underground train). I have 3 days in London to rest after what I'm sure will be an exhilarating but exhausting journey. 

We then eave from London Heathrow Airport. The flight is 24hrs , I stopover in Dubai but unfortunately not long enough to leave the airport. If all goes well I should arrive at Sydney Airport early in the morning, ready for another day with Naomi before an evening train ride from Sydney Central Station back to good ole Cootamundra!

So that's the plan, in a nutshell. There's every possibility it will change between now and then but that's the general gist of it :) I'm excited to announce that I will be doing a video diary 
throughout the trip to share the whole experience with you guys! So this post is Part 1 in my Europe mini-series.

More to come ... 


  1. Wow!! I've always wanted to go to Europe. Hope you had fun :)


    1. Thanks Creeaian Skeen Villaruel, I'm sure I will... I am too excited for words!