Pikelets Recipe

This recipe is perfect for an afternoon snack! They're delicious, easy to prepare, they're light, they're fluffy and they don't require a lot of ingredients. I, unfortunately, cannot take credit for this recipe, my friend Danyelle created it. She and I made them for a late-night mid-movie snack. We were watching 'Pride', a movie that I highly recommend to anyone.

To make these pikelets you will need:
* 1 Cup of Water
* 1 Cup of Self-Raising Flour
* 1 Cup of Sugar
* 1 Egg
This will make approximately 10 pikelets. This recipe does not use milk, which is what makes them light and not so dense. It also makes them dairy free, for those of you who are (like me) of the lactose intolerant variety.

In the above picture you'll notice I've doubled the recipe, which is really easy to do because there is the same amount of everything.

#1. Add all the ingredients into a bowl. Note: Cracking the eggs into a separate bowl will help avoid egg shells in your mixture. Also, if you scramble the eggs in that bowl with a fork it will make your next step easier.
#2. Mix all the ingredients together with a fork. You can use a blender if you like. but I find it's easier, quicker and cleaner if you mix them by hand. And don't worry if the mix has little clumps of flour in them, it won't affect the pikelets when they're being cooked.

#3. Cook the piklets. In order to get the right amount of mixture in one piklet, use a 1/2 cup measure to transfer the mixture into the saucepan. Don't have the saucepan on high heat, put it on low so that the piklets don't cook too quickly or burn. Don't walk away from the pan or your pikelets will almost certainly burn. I like to use lots of butter in my pan, (so does my pal Brianna.) not only does it give them a beautiful golden brown colour but it makes them taste extra delicious.

Taaaaah Daaaaah!! A fool proof piklet recipe. Enjoy xx


  1. Okay definitely making these! The fact that they are so easy to remember is great.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Ruby xx

    1. Thanks, yeah they are super easy and fun to make. Happy cooking :)