Music is the best right? There’s so much variety and diversity. And there are so many ways to listen to it! Pandora, itunes radio, youtube, Spotify… the list goes on.
I love music because of its ability to influence us. Movies without music would have about half the impact! Seriously, music is so powerful. Try watching commercials without the sound, mute your TV between your favourite programs and see the difference. 


I’ve played piano since I was five, at first I hated it. But over the past 3 years I have fallen in love with it! I love performing, whether it’s on the street, on stage or at a wedding. Two years ago I had the privilege of being able to record in an actual studio!

My sister and I played as ‘Paper and Perfume’ and recorded our hit single ‘Against the Glass’. (And by hit I mean It was in Triple J’s top 100 charts for two weeks!!) Check it out here   
As ;Paper and Perfume' we gigged in pubs, at celebration dinners, at weddings, and all over the place! I loved it!! But then my sister moved to London, so that made gigging a bit… difficult.

I’m currently learning a song called ‘Dawn’ from Pride and Prejudice! (Yes I am a Jane Austin fan, and am also a fan of the movie 'Austenland' Check it out!!)

Anyway... long story short, I am a huge fan of music, playing it, listening to it, dancing to it (really badly). Everything about music rocks!

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